Sunday, 18 April 2010

social services corruption bournemouth and poole

The state is guilty of kidnapping my children Jarred Morriss Hall age 10, and Coco Morriss Hall age 3. The Family courts took my children on the grounds of emotional abuse due to my son not being in contact with his father Mr Michael Buchannan. How sick is it that the father was on drugs and a heavy drinker when l was pregnant and l left him. Of course he lied in court about that. Said i had made it up - interesting how they can find no medical records for him at all. He doesn't even know my son, yet the judge gave Jarred to him, even though he didn't want to move away from here to live with him - and then on top of that gave him my 3 year old daughter who is not even his child. Judge R Bond does not like single mothers. Social services and the guardian were having trouble with my Jarred, because they couldnt get Jarred to leave Bournemouth because he knew l was here, and he had told the court that he wanted to stay with me here, in the school where he is settled - with the friends he has grown close to - but the local authority wanted him to move to London Westminister where he now lives. The social services and the court guardian offered Mr Buchannan my baby Coco as a bargaining chip. Bournemouth borough council gave him a special guardianship order so he would be paid around £300 pw to look after her. This was done to ensure my son that going to his fathers flat to live was the best thing for him and Coco. It was in fact to keep Jarred from running away as he feels responsible for Coco since they,ve been in care. Social services falsified statements and documents then lied under oath in order to win this case. Social Worker Chantelle Gillender a Canadian and also the court guardian Pam Brookes (cafcas) and the Kinson Social work family centre on Kinson road bournemouth. The Fast Team social services Maggie Warner, Nikki Reynolds, Claire Bennett, Michelle Whitfeild, Simon Oxford, Kerry Cross. Boscombe mental health team social workerPAUL HAINES. Social services legal team Anthony Hands, Sue Turner. CARE PROCEEDINGS SOLICITORS, Aldridge and Brownlee solicitors Andrew Pitt. Dickenson and Manser solicitors Richard Killer, Helena Balche Maria Jackson. Mustoe and Shorter solicitors Georgina Bacon, Gales solicitors Mathew Moore. Barristers Mr Kennedy, Mr S Cotton, Mrs Pearce, Mr A Skinner,Mrs s Langford, from the Southampton chambers. Bournemouth county court, Judge R Bond, Royal courts of justice, Judge Ulstein. Bournemouth womens refuge, Poole womens refuge and Grimsbys womens aid, are all social workers and child protection staff so stay there at your own risk!!!!!! THEY ARE NOT SAFE HOUSES!!!!!!!!

Head of child protection KEVIN WILLIAMS the child and adolescence trust, London, falsified evidence and created the situation for the removal of my children by issuing a locate order and putting my details on the NHS data base, so that if any one new my whereabouts they could let him know, as he had written l had mental health issues which was a lie!!!!! HE IS CORRUPT yet he still goes in the news papers as if butter wouldnt melt in his mouth, hes a fraud and needs to be exposed!!!!!!!!!!!! Foster carers Debbie and Peter Maynard in Littledown Bournemouth, work in the schools, Peter Maynard works for the special needs Victoria school in Branksome Poole. They played with my sons head. The foster mother DEBBIE MAYNARD told JARRED that he was NEVER COMING HOME because l abused him. My son told me this was said - this is not guesswork. What sort of foster carers say things like this to a then 9 year old boy. I was never allowed to be alone with my son - if i tried to talk to him , was constantly told it was innappropriate - if we played games together as is normal - i was accused of feeding his delusional fantasies. They have constantly tried to break the bonds between my children and myself by cancelling, shortening or changing contact. Social Services deliberately caused problems by introducing the children to jarreds father without even telling me they were in touch with him - then sending them to london to stay with him without telling me. I found out when they came to contact and told me. Once i was told it was 1 day when it fact it was over 4 days. Not a problem with the contact - but why lie about it if it wasnt for their own purposes to try to create a rift between my son and me. My only problem was with Social services not informing me what was going on in my childrens lives and also blatantly lying about it. They also rented a house for Mr Buchannan on his visits to bournemouth - to make it easier for him spend time with the children - overnight too - and at the foster carers house. They paid his travel expenses and anything relating to his visits with the children. Even when they knew it was difficult for me to get to contact -on occassion through lack of finances, i was never once offered bus fare help or transport. I was allowed no contact except for twice a week at a contact centre with a worker present - often in an area where there were no facilities to keep both of my children entertained.

My son was led to believe that i was angry with him for spending time with his dad - at no time did social services tell him that this was not the case or offer to have an open meeting together with social services to clear up the situation. I had no problem with the contact at all - ,once the contact was made then the relationship existed. Instead, they allowed him to believe the untruths , and encouraged my son to believe i hated him seeing his dad - again trying to cause a rift to make it easier for them to move him away.

I was not allowed to have a meeting with my son before he left because i would not agree with the childrens guardian to tell him that moving to london was the right and best thing for him. I told her that i would not and that i would tell him the truth. I wanted to tell him that social services had caused the problems by both lying to me and not telling me that the children were visiting Jarreds dad in london. I also said that i would tell him that i had no problem with my son having a relationship with his dad - i had a problem with social services lying. For this reason, my son, whom i have not seen since january of this year, aged 10 years old, wasmoved to london without him being allowed to say goodbye to me. I have no idea whether my daughter is still with the foster workers or in london now also, as i have not been allowed my contact with her or again, to say goodbye.

This is how the mental health team social workers work, they are supposed to protect children not create the situation for the child to become distressed,.THIS IS HOW SOCIAL SERVICES NOW USE THERE NEW TACTICS (not so new its been around since 1996) Think about what they did to the 13 year old girl called Bonnie Lewis. Its got worse since then. Look up her details and see what child protection is really like. They need stopping but the government is in too deep, and they are funding it with the help of the tax payers and the NSPCC and other charities, so be warned your Tax pays for illegal VIDEO SURVELLIENCE, PHONE TAPPING, AND FOR SOCIAL WORKERS AND PLAIN CLOTHES POLICE TO DRIVE AND WALK AROUND WATCHING PEOPLE, WHO THEY CAN POUNCE ON AND FOLLOW HOME FROM SHOPPING OR THE MOVIES OR THE RESTURANTS !!!!!!!!!! NO CHILD IS SAFE UNDER THIS SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!